Our History

Since 2000, CommunityWorks has evolved into a Behavioral Health and Addictions Services agency offering a broad range of programs for vulnerable and at-risk children, adolescents, families and adults in central Oklahoma.  Over the years our range of services has grown and expanded, however our commitment to quality and unconditional care of our client’s has remained our foundation and focus. 

The mission of CommunityWorks is to assist individuals and organizations in improving and enhancing their lives encouraging their full potential while realizing the highest benefit for public good. We are constantly evolving to address the unique issues our clients and partners are facing.  We are committed to providing specialized, progressive and innovative programs that deliver proven results.  Simply put the mission of CommunityWorks is unconditional care

CommunityWorks attained the distinction of national accreditation through the Council on Accreditation in our first 18 months of existence and have proudly maintained this through the last nearly two decades.  We strive to be the gold standard in our industry and challenge ourselves as a team of professionals daily to this attain this goal. 

After our initial five years of operation and evaluation, our Board of Directors determined that providing high quality residential services as our single focus was not enough for the client’s served or our professional staff.  Efforts were undertaken to develop a more wide-ranging continuum.  We continue to be thoughtful and progressive in our expansion while remaining flexible to the ever changing needs and populations we serve.