Organizational Philosophy

In keeping with CommunityWorks’ agency-wide philosophy, mission and goals, our approach to clinical treatment is as follows:

  • A consistent, honest, face-to-face approach that is based on professionally accepted standards, practices and research;
  • A multi-disciplinary treatment team that demonstrates an ongoing positive, constructive, and holistic approach in the pursuit of the best possible care for the individuals served;
  • An empathetic and accepting staff who are respectful of individual differences;
  • A health treatment environment and consistent programming that actively addresses individual needs.


Furthermore, we believe that when these conditions are consistently present, individuals’ opportunities to grow and change are realized in the following ways:

    • Experiencing and understanding aspects of self which were previously inaccessible and underdeveloped;
    • Integrating healthy aspects of self, leading to more adaptive, effective and successful functioning;
    • Becoming more self-directed, self-confident, and healthy;
    • Developing healthy ways of self-expression that encompass intellectual, physiological and emotional information;
    • Developing a better way of understanding others, leading to healthier interpersonal and social interactions and relationships.


We provide a trauma-informed services system that recognizes the potential for certain vulnerabilities of trauma survivors. Services are delivered in a way that will avoid re-traumatization and facilitate consumer participation in treatment. CommunityWorks will screen and assess all consumers for trauma using emerging best practices in the treatment of trauma.

CommunityWorks believes strongly in collaborative approaches and works daily with other agencies to reduce family conflict, dysfunctional behavior, substance abuse, mental illness, and inappropriate social behavior within the community. We also ensure the delivery of necessary behavioral health services to anyone who needs them, regardless of sex, race, religion, ethnic background, education, social class, or economic status.