Our Values

We are compassionate and confidential. We treat clients with unconditional respect and dignity, while also maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

We respond to community needs. We are constantly assessing community needs and emerging demographics so that we may provide appropriate services and care to individuals.

We are strength based oriented. We focus on the strength and resiliency of individuals by working with clients to identify and achieve the best possible outcome.

We understand diversity. We stress the importance of being culturally competent to address the diversity of our population.

We are committed to unwavering ethics and integrity.  We adhere to the utmost level of professional standards and code of ethics.

We focus on Continuous Quality Improvement. We promote a culture of continuously improving the quality of the services and information we provide to individuals.

We understand the value of partnerships. We understand the importance of collaborating with others to provide more effective and efficient services to individuals.

We respond to our stakeholders. We understand the important role and value the contribution all of our stakeholders play in our organization to provide the best services possible to individuals.

We provide a quality facility environment.  We appreciate attractive facilities, promoting a positive workplace and client friendly environment.

We believe in the power of advocacy.  We advocate for clients’ needs, access formal and informal resources, and actively engage in public policy activities and awareness.

We are committed to innovation and strive to be leaders in our profession.  We recognize that we earn profit by demonstrating success and leadership.  Profitability is essential to creating capital for growth, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security.  Our entrepreneurial spirit and ability to identify and respond to opportunities to benefit the public good allow us to embrace challenges and set high expectations.